Bring “Lisa” to You

“How do I get The Lisa Project to come to my area?” There are two basic options for bringing The Lisa Project to your area. One is rather expensive and can only be toured in California. The second option is less expensive, more compact and can be taken virtually anywhere such as High School classrooms or hotel conference rooms.

Option 1 – The Original Lisa Project (TLP)

First, this is a six month process. Once you have entered into an agreement (signed contract and paid deposit) with TLP we will meet with you and present our Partner Procedure Manual. The manual outlines every step from gathering community partners to advertising to your first opening day of the exhibit. This all begins 6 months prior to your opening date.

TLP is a mobile exhibit built inside modular buildings that are towed to each venue. They are towed separately – two 12×60 foot buildings that are then assembled into one building to present the exhibit. This takes a (parking lot) space of approx 2,200 SQ FT. In essence we are transporting two houses everywhere we go. …your costs are generally paid for through donations by your community partners and businesses as well as contributions from partnering agencies (if you choose). We gladly help in those areas so that we can partner with you for the most effective response from everyone in your community. When you call, we can give an accurate quote for your city. This exhibit is usually set in one place for a month at a time and generally costs around $45k to bring it to your community no matter where you are in California.

We will partner with you to strategize and plan over six months so that you will have a completely successful run with TLP.


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Option 2 – The Lisa Project in 10 (TLP10)

This is a ten minute version of the same exhibit, but rather than towing buildings we bring this one in the back of a truck and set up within 500 SQ. FT. Ideally we would like to setup in about 800 sq ft to give plenty of room for people to enter and exit the experience. This is a “walk through” experience but built with pipe and drape and set design and lighting to immerse the visitor into the experience.

TLP10 can be shown by the day or by the week with ample (one day) setup time at the onset as well as tear down when it is finished. Costs range from $1,200 – $5,000 (plus travel and lodging expenses).

You can read more about this by visiting the TLP10 page


Please contact me via e-mail – By phone 209.644.5308 – or regular mail:

Gene Hardin
The Lisa Project
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Stockton, CA 95201

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