There are 3 full size exhibits in California and 3 portable exhibits.


540 N. California St.
  Stockton, CA 209.644.5318
400 W. Lacey Blvd.    Hanford, CA 559.242.6483
1626 Sunrise Ave.        Madera, CA 559.675.7841

Quad Cities, Iowa 563.326.8221
San Joaquin County, CA  209.644.5318
Tulare County, CA  559.735.0456

You can schedule a tour through the exhibit.  Hours vary by location.  Please call to book.

NOTE: Portable exhibit incurs a booking fee.  Please inquire at each location.


How do I get The Lisa to come to my area?

Contact us to set up an interactive experience with a walk through of The Lisa Project in 10. We created a compact and less expensive version that can be taken to virtually anywhere such as High School classrooms or hotel conference rooms.  It is called The Lisa Project in 10 or TLP 10

The Lisa Project in 10

This is a ten minute version of the exhibit, but we will come set up within 500 SQ. FT. Ideally we would like to setup the exhibit in about 800 sq ft to give plenty of room for people to enter and exit the experience. This is a “walk through” experience but built with pipe and drape and set design and lighting to immerse the visitor into the experience. The viewer will get to learn and experience different types of abuse by a ten minute walk through experience.

TLP10 can be shown by the day or by the week with ample (one day) setup time at the onset as well as tear down when it is finished.  This version of the exhibit is available in San Joaquin and Tulare County California and also in Iowa