540 N. California St.
Stockton, CA

(209) 644-5318

Kings County

400 W. Lacey Blvd.
Hanford, CA

(559) 242-6745

Madera County

Madera County Department of Social Services
Madera, CA

(559) 675-7841


Tulare Child Abuse Prevention Council
Tulare, CA

(559) 735-0456

Quad Cities

Iowa’s Department of Human Services and Scotts County Kids

(563) 326-8221

Kings County, California

This is a full scale exhibit like the 1st Stockton exhibit. Located at 1400 W Lacey in Hanford, tours are available by appointment by contacting Kings Partnership at (559) 242-6745. You can also find more information on the Kings Partnership website



Tulare County leads the way in all things Lisa with many “firsts” on the list.  Our first stop on the road began in October of 2010 in Visalia, CA.  In 2012, Tulare was the first to re-book us in their county for another stop.  Fast forward to 2015 and the Tulare County Child Abuse Prevention Council (TCCAPC) was the first to acquire their very own Lisa Project in 10 (TLP 10).  Since then TCCAPC has been showing the exhibit in area high schools and other facilities.  Please contact the Tulare County CAPC to book The Lisa Project at your school or next event. You can contact them at (559) 735-0456.  Or follow this link to see how to book The Lisa Project in the Tulare County area.



This is a full scale exhibit replicating the Stockton & Hanford exhibits. Located at 1626 Sunrise Ave, Building 4 in Madera. Tours are available by appointment (559) 675-7841.

Stockton, Ca

The Lisa Project San Joaquin County was born from a simple yet profound idea: “Take a child by the hand and let them tell you their story.” Over time, this idea evolved into a powerful strategy aimed at raising awareness and building collaborative capacity. The project’s goal was to unite stakeholders in the fight against child abuse, connect victims with essential resources, and inspire communities to take action.

At the core of The Lisa Project is a multi-sensory exhibit, which offers a 25-minute immersive experience. Visitors step into a world where they can hear the stories of child abuse victims through an iPod, while touring simulated home environments that poignantly depict various forms of abuse, including domestic violence, neglect, physical, emotional, and sexual abuse.

Introduced in San Joaquin County in April 2010, the exhibit drew over 5,000 visitors and received praise from media and stakeholders. Since then, it has traveled extensively, reaching communities throughout California, the Midwest, and even Calgary, Canada, hosting over a quarter of a million visitors. In each location, a dedicated task force of stakeholders collaborates to host the exhibit, provide volunteer support, connect victims with services, and engage community members in volunteer opportunities.

In addition to the original exhibit permanently located in Stockton, California, an abbreviated 10-minute version called “The Lisa Project in 10” is available for display by the day or week with minimal setup and teardown requirements. To inquire about bringing this impactful project to your area, you can contact the organizers at (209) 644-5318. The Lisa Project stands as a beacon of hope and change, making a significant impact in the fight against child abuse.

Quad Cities, Iowa

The Lisa Project is running steady in Iowa. Thanks to our partnership with Iowa’s Dept of Human Services and Scott County Kids they cover an impressive ten counties in southeastern Iowa and have ventured into parts of Illinois and Nebraska! For bookings of the exhibit, or for more general information, please contact the Scott County Kids main office at (563) 326-8221 or visit their website at